Fannin County, GA GOP

The purpose of the Fannin County Republican Party is to develop, foster, advance, and perpetuate the principles of the Republican Party, to support and otherwise do all within its power to ensure the election of all Republican nominees for public office whose names appear on the general election and any special election or other regular election ballots in Fannin County, to manage the affairs of the Republican Party and engage in any other activities directed at furthering the cause of the Republican Party.

Registered voters residing in Fannin County who are in accord with the following principles are members of the Fannin County Republican Party:

  1. I believe in individual responsibility and freedom from government control.
  2. I believe that government has become too big and should be reduced on all levels.
  3. I believe that decisions should be made as locally as possible. For example, individuals make better decisions about their affairs than governments do.
  4. I believe that governments should live within their means, and not burden future administrations or generations of taxpayers with debt.

New members are welcome. If you’re interested in joining or becoming active in the Republican Party, please join us at our next meeting. For information on the day, time and location of our regular meetings, see this website’s Meetings page. You can also contact us if you have any questions.

There is no cost to become a member, but we do ask that you fill out our membership form, which can be downloaded here. You can either bring your filled out membership form to a meeting or mail it to us at:

Fannin County Republican Party
PO Box 1443
Blue Ridge, GA 30513

The Fannin County Republican Party’s Bylaws can be found here.