"Join us in supporting a strong and prosperous Fannin County through conservative leadership."

Fannin County, Georgia

Current Election

Here are the unofficial results of the May 21 election in Fannin County:
Clerk of Superior Court: Dana Chastain  73.57% (4,052) / A. Philip Owensby 26.43% (1,456)
Sheriff:  Dane Kirby 75.31% (4,158)
Tax Commissioner:  Robbie “Cornelius” Long 42.71% (2,310) / Julie A. Walker 57.29% (3,099)
Board of Education:  Terry Bramlett 32.07% (1,753) / Ashley Herendon-Weeks 67.93% (3,714)
Board of Education: Adam M. Born 59.34%(3,261) / Lewis T. Deweese 27.24%(1,497) / Greg Staffins 13.41%(737)
Board of Education:  Chad Galloway 41.21% (2,247) / Robert Patterson 58.79% (3,205)
Judge of Probate Court:  Manda C. Gwatney 39.05% (2,303) / R. Scott Kiker 60.95% (3,594)

Early voting begins Monday, April 29 at 9 am at the Board of Elections office on the 3rd floor of the Fannin County Courthouse in Blue Ridge. Early voting will be Monday through Saturday, April 29 to May 4, and May 6 to May 11, 9 am to 5 pm. Early voting continues Monday through Friday, May 13 to May 17, 9 am to 5 pm.

These are the qualified Republican and Nonpartisan candidates for the May 21, 2024 General Primary/Nonpartisan Election:

     State House Representative, District 7 (R)     Johnny Chastain

     District Attorney, Appalachian Judicial Circuit (R)     Frank H. Wood III

     Clerk of Superior Court (R)     Dana C. Chastain (incumbent) and A. Philip Owensby

     Coroner (R)     Rebecca J. Callihan

     Surveyor (R)     Shelly J. Bishop

     Tax Commissioner (R)     Robbie “Cornelius” Long and Julie A. Walker

     Sheriff (R)     Dane Kirby (incumbent), Billy Brackett, Barry Wayne Johnston, and Matthew Kaylor

     County Commission Chairman (R)     Jamie Hensley

     County Commissioner Post 1 (R)    Johnny Scearce

     County Board of Education (R)     Terry Dewel Bramlett (incumbent) and Ashley Herendon-Weeks

     County Board of Education (R)     Lewis T. Deweese (incumbent), Adam M. Born, and Greg Staffins

     County Board of Education (R)     Chad Galloway (incumbent) and Robert Lynn Patterson

     Judge of the Court of Appeals     Amanda H. Mercier

     Chief Judge of Magistrate Court     Brian D. Jones

     Judge of Probate Court     R. Scott Kiker (incumbent) and Manda C. Gwatney

The primary election ballot will include the following State Republican Party Questions:

For future elections, do you want hand marked paper ballots, scanned and verified by hand count on live stream video?

Should the legislature enact the Fair Tax replacing the state income tax and state sales tax with a consumption tax equal to current state funding and taxing no legal citizen or family up to the poverty level of spending?

Should the legislature ban registered lobbyists from serving on the State Elections Board?


Should the Georgia Republican Primary have a closed primary, meaning that only registered Republicans would be allowed to vote in the Republican Primary?

Should public officials who allow illegal immigration to occur be held responsible for crimes committed by illegal aliens?

Would you support a statewide vote to allow gaming in Georgia so the voters can decide this issue instead of politicians in Atlanta?

Currently, hundreds of thousands of hours and dollars are spent every year cleaning up voter rolls. Would you support an amendment to the National Voting Rights Act that would require registered voters to renew their registration every four years?

Do you believe unelected and unaccountable international bureaucrats, like the UN controlled World Health Organization (WHO), should have complete control over management of future pandemics in the United States and authority to regulate your healthcare and personal health choices?

See the general Voting page on this website for a link to check your registration status and your voting precinct, and for the address of the county courthouse and of each voting precinct.