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Fannin County, Georgia

Asking the Experts about the 2020 Election, by Susan Loring, Part 4

Fraudulent voting by different means was the next topic, and I asked Sonia and Mary Ann how difficult it is to do any of the following:

Voting by non-citizens – These people are flagged by the state when they register. They can vote provisionally and can bring their naturalization papers to the election board for review.

Voting by the dead – Somewhere around 30-50 residents of Fannin County, on average, pass away each month. The voter rolls are updated every month by the election board. If a ballot is mailed in during the absentee ballot time range by a voter who subsequently dies, the vote is counted if the ballot is received in the office prior to the death of the voter.

Voting by people not registered in the county – These people can vote only on a provisional ballot, or they could vote where they are previously registered.

Voting by someone multiple times in one election – A person must be on a voter list for a precinct and if not they could do a provisional ballot.

Voting by a person in two different states – A person could register and vote in two states, but it would be a felony.

Problem experienced in Fannin County during the 2020 election – Sonia and Mary Ann told me about a problem that happened on Election Day, affecting all precincts in Fannin County. Electronic tablets called poll pads are now used at the precincts instead of the paper lists of voters. The KNOWiNK poll pads indicated that many people who came to vote in person had already voted. These voters said they had applied for and received an absentee ballot but never mailed it in. The precincts called the Election Board each time this occurred, and board members confirmed by checking the eNet database that people had not already voted. This problem affected hundreds of voters in Fannin County. Sonia sent a letter about the KNOWiNK database issue to Georgia’s Secretary of State. No response was received.

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