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Fannin County, Georgia

Fannin County Republican Party To Award $1,250 Scholarship to Mary Golding

Mary Golding, a college student living in Fannin County, will be a recipient of a $1,250 scholarship from the Fannin County Republican Party.

Students applying for this scholarship submitted an application which included an essay titled, “My Concerns for this Country and How I Plan to Fix It” along with a transcript of an interview with an elected official. Mary Golding’s interview was with Sherif Dane Kirby.

The members of the Scholarships Committee (Elaine Owen, Melanie Harris, Howard Lawson , Ron Scherer and Matt Rideout) would like to thank all applicants for taking the time to apply. There were a number of excellent submissions, which made the decision process difficult.

Members of the Scholarships Committee will presented Mary Golding with her scholarship at the next Fannin County Republican Party monthly meeting on Monday, August 19th.