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Fannin County, Georgia

February 2022 Meeting Summary

At last night’s Fannin Republican Party February meeting, the treasurer’s report noted the Valentine’s Dinner was a big success as a fundraiser. Post 2 Commissioner Glenn Patterson announced his intent to run for a 2nd term. GA GOP 9th District Communication Director Stephen Aaron asked for volunteers to go out and talk to voters, and a followup meeting is planned to provide training and resources. Jarrod Hooper from the election integrity team presented information on being a poll watcher, and he stressed how important it is that there be Republican poll watchers present.

For continuing business, the Fannin GOP headquarters for the 2022 elections will be at 21 Hyde Park Drive, Suite 2 in Blue Ridge, adjacent to Tractor Supply. Second Vice Chair Larry Henderson paid the fee for Fannin GOP to join the Chamber of Commerce, and there will be a grand opening at a date to be announced. Larry is also the election committee chair, and he announced that there will be a meeting on March 14 at 6 pm at the headquarters for the precinct captains. Other volunteers should contact Larry Henderson to get involved.

For new business, nominees Sonia Smith and Debby Beck were both elected as Republican members of the County Election Board. Charles Fish agreed to act as trustee to maintain the campaign headquarters location. First Vice Chair Maria Strickland will act as chair of a 2022 scholarship committee for students of Fannin County High School. There will be four $2,000 scholarships, with half of the cost sponsored by Bill Marsh and the other half paid by Fannin GOP.

Debby Beck made a public comment related to election integrity, including news from voterga.org that large numbers of 2020 GA ballot images are missing and that Brad Raffensperger wants to store voter records on an internet-based cloud service. Chair Frank Woods made an announcement that Fannin GOP will be doing our own candidate qualifying for local elections from March 7-11. The next meeting of Fannin GOP will be at 6:30 pm on March 21.

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