"Join us in supporting a strong and prosperous Fannin County through conservative leadership."

Fannin County, Georgia

Urgent Call for Volunteers

Fannin GOP needs your help with the Countdown to 2022 event. The purpose of the event is twofold: to hear from and question Republican candidates, and to raise funds for voter outreach by the five united counties prior to the midterm elections. Please volunteer to make our first multi-county event successful!

In only nine months in office, Joe Biden and a Democrat majority in Congress have done an amazing amount of damage to our economy and the value of the dollar, and to our national security and sovereignty. If Republicans don’t retake control of at least one of the houses of Congress in 2022, it’s painful to think what the country will look like by 2024. The time is now for you to get involved.

Georgia has nine state executive offices up for election next year. To avoid a Democrat Governor or Secretary of State, we need the best Republican candidates on the ballot and the largest possible turnout by conservative voters.

Please don’t ignore this message, thinking someone else will step up. The Democrats were very hard at work before the last election. Help us win in 2022 by doing your part. To volunteer for the November 6 event, contact Chairman Frank Wood at 706-455-4336 to be added to the volunteer list.

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